BadMatch in glXCreateGLXPixmap (bug 3102)

Damjan Jovanovic dj015 at
Fri Mar 3 00:31:11 CST 2006

"Star wars: knights of the old republic" dies on
startup (see bug 3102) with BadMatch when
create_glxpixmap() calls glXCreateGLXPixmap().

The man page for glXCreateGLXPixmap:
GLXPixmap glXCreateGLXPixmap( Display *dpy,
                                     XVisualInfo *vis,
                                     Pixmap pixmap )
BadMatch is generated if the depth of pixmap does not
match  the  depth value  reported  by core X11 for
vis, or if pixmap was not created with respect to the
same screen as vis.

So can any xlib expert here give me some code to check
for those 2 cases?

Any other ideas what could be wrong? I believe a
PBUFFER is involved, not the actual screen.


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