Wineconf 2006

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Mar 3 11:28:13 CST 2006

Hi Folks,

We've run into a bit of a snag around Wineconf 2006.

Huw was trying to pull something together for this summer,
but he's asked to beg off (he's going to be out with
a thyroid operation for a bit; prognosis looks good, but...).

Rob stepped up and volunteered to pull something together
in Reading in the UK, and has been a good sport about
getting it together.

Sadly, the dates haven't been working out very well.

Rob and I were trying to get something together for
May 13th (all other dates in May don't work for one reason
or another), but then internal folks here started
telling us that that was way too soon.

The problem with trying for June is that travel costs
in June are astronomical; plane flights for example are
twice the cost in June than in May.

So what I'd like to ask is that people that are interested
in coming to Wineconf give us a bit of feedback:

Also, I'd like to request that follow ups to this shift over
to the Wineconf mailing list:

For those of you that don't know, Wineconf is our
kinda sorta annual technical conference.  It's a place
where Wine developers gather to heckle Alexandre,
talk about the mythical Wine 1.0, and marvel that
there are 60 other people as crazy as themselves <grin>.

There isn't usually any fee, although you have to bear your own travel costs.
Everyone is welcome, but the focus is very technical and developer focused,
so 'regular' users may feel a bit out of place.



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