Error while compiling code using wineg++ / winegcc on solaris

Vikas Gera Vikas.Gera at
Mon Mar 6 03:17:36 CST 2006

I am not able to compile a test program on solaris using winegcc tool.
Can anybody help?
Here's the program source code:
// file test.cpp
#include <stdio.h>
#include <windows.h>
int main ()
        SYSTEMTIME lpSystemTime;
        printf("Today is: %d/%d/%d\n", lpSystemTime.wYear, 
                        lpSystemTime.wMonth, lpSystemTime.wDay);
        return 0;

When I try to compile it using winegcc, it gives following error
testuser at testbox:~/test >wineg++ test.cpp
winegcc: -fshort-wchar failed.
On adding a flag '-v' with wineg++, a detailed error message is
testuser at testbox:~/test >wineg++ -v test.cpp
-D__WIN32 -D__WIN32__ -D__WINNT -D__WINNT__
-D_fastcall=__attribute__((__fastcall__)) -D__declspec(x)=__declspec_##x
-D__declspec_thread=__thread -D__WINE__ -D__int8=char -D__int16=short
-D__int32=int -D__int64=long long -c -o test-9pH6Aj.o -v test.cpp
winegcc: -fshort-wchar failed.
I can see a lot of compile flags/options.  I want to be able to
enable/disable these options.  Or if there is some other way to be able
to compile the code using wingcc, pleae tell me.  The code works well on
windows.  I even managed to compile it using gcc, but it resulted in
coredump. If somebody can guide me how to compile an application using
winelib, which can run on solaris.  I am getting linker/loader errors.
Vikas Gera
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