Can't run DirectX games on x86_64 biarch Linux

Willie Sippel willie at
Wed Mar 8 06:19:40 CST 2006

> Second, some programs run fine with wine, e. g. pcAnywhere. And some
> games do start up and show the title menu (like StarCraft or AOE2), but
> crash when selecting a game.
> Third, as I said before, I've compiled wine from source on a Pentium II
> Debian box which doesn't even know what x86_64 is, and copied the
> installation directory /opt/wine-CVS... to my x86_64 box. But that
> didn't help. I also used the setarch-utility to make the Wine configure
> script see an i686-machine, and setting the -m32 flags for GCC by hand,
> but the effect was the same.

I also build Wine on an amd64 system (running gentoo/ amd64), no problems. But 
there's one thing I noticed a while ago: Wine continues to compile and 
install even if some of the DLLs won't compile. I had this a few times in the 
past, and ended up with a basically working Wine install that missed a few 
DLLs, mostly OpenGL-related stuff. Maybe something like that happens to you? 
Just check that all DLLs are built and in place, and make sure there were no 
errors during compile (like I said, with some DLLs, Wine just continues to 
build even though errors appear)...


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