WINED3D: Implement GetCreationParameters

Peter Beutner p.beutner at
Thu Mar 9 07:21:05 CST 2006

Alexandre Julliard schrieb:
> Your mistake is to assume that the app will handle the error in a sane
> way. That's extremely unlikely, especially for things like bad
> pointers since the app obviously didn't expect to be passing bad
> pointers. If the app really wants to handle that sort of error it can
> always add an exception handler around the call; so not trapping the
> error in the library doesn't prevent the app from catching the error,
> it just avoids forcing a lot of useless checks on well-written apps.
> And it's not clear at all that crashing is more likely to lose data
> than not crashing. With the Windows way, the app will merrily continue
> working with corrupt data, which gives it a lot more opportunities to
> add garbage to your data without noticing, than if it crashed right
> away before having done too much damage.
I surrender, you convinced me ;). Sorry for the noise.

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