WGL_PBUFFER_LOST_ARB implementation

Tomas Carnecky tom at dbservice.com
Sat Mar 25 14:31:43 CST 2006

This patch implements 'WGL_PBUFFER_LOST_ARB'. It creates a new field in
'X11DRV_PDEVICE' which is used to store flags (currently only one:
X11DRV_FLAG_DAMAGED). This flag indicates that the drawable (PBuffer) is
damaged and no longer valid. As soon as the x11 driver receives the
GLX_DAMAGED event it calls X11DRV_GLX_Event() which then set the flag.
wglQueryPbufferARB() uses ExtEscape() to retrieve this flag and can
decide whether the PBuffer is lost or not.

This patch depends on one I've sent earlier to the wine-patches mailing
list: '[x11drv] Move x11drv ExtEscape() codes to one common header
file.'. Please look through this patch and tell me if I've done
something horribly wrong or missed an important aspect. I'm very new to
wine and I don't know what I am allowed to touch and what not.

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