stir stir stir

Mike Hearn mike at
Sun Mar 26 07:20:53 CST 2006

Deprived of patch-writing time lately I can do little more than cheer the
team on. And of course, take pot-shots at our partners over the wall,
the Windows team themselves ;) Hello there if you're reading this!

In the comments of this anonymous MS employees blogs post (great reporting
here huh) we can find this post by somebody who claims to be on an
appcompat testing team:

in which the following totally astonishing claim is made:
    "Results: Client appcompat % hovering at <40% (GASP - INTERNAL INFO... 
    better moderate this one out!!!!)"

which is explained due to reduction of testing staff, loss of team morale
and outsourcing of testing.

Can it really be true that the Vista builds have such appallingly low
application compatibility? Anybody who has access to Vista builds want to
comment on this?

Given they (now) have half a year to clean it up, does anybody want to
take bets on what the score will be by the time it
releases? I wonder what this number means (presumably that 40% of apps
work perfectly out of the box), and I also wonder what our own appcompat
score is.

Wouldn't it be scary if Linux ends up more Windows compatible than Windows
is! :)

thanks -mike

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