Why winetools is utterly useless, once and for all.

Kuba Ober kuba at mareimbrium.org
Tue Mar 28 14:21:11 CST 2006

> Python!!?! i almost did a C | N > K (that would be cola, pepsi rather,
> through nose to keyboard)
> ok ok ok ok although i almos-t ruined a perfectly free and good
> keyboard, i don't like python cause i don't know it, and the learning
> curve has been... dreadful.
> Can't we do this in C?

I hope you meant C++, unless you think it's productive to do a poorly 
documented and bug-ridden reimplementation of half of C++ standard library* 
everytime you want to do something other than a hello world application.

Actually, for tools like wine doors it'd be more concise to do the logic in 
Lisp, rather than Python or C++. The problem is that wine-hackers-wise, I 
would bet we have way more people skilled in C++ than people skilled in 
Python than people skilled in Lisp, so methinks that C++ is the right way to 
go, just because of the sheer number of developers available

C++ (and Python) gives you an advantage of being able to directly** leverage 
Qt to have wine doors that can either work as a regular unix application, or 
a windows application under wine itself. Heck, it'd work just fine on Intel 
Mac boxen, and on PPC Mac boxen whenever wine will utilize some emulator 

Cheers, Kuba
* yes, it's a slightly modified quote from somewhere else ;)
** as opposed to say doing only the GUI in C++ and logic in Lisp

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