Interesting D3D testapp

Willie Sippel willie at
Wed Mar 29 20:37:14 CST 2006

Hi there.

I think I just found a very nice D3D testapp: fr-025 by Farbrausch. A nice, 
small (8.2MB) graphics demo, already works somewhat with Wine (starts, plays, 
music and everything works, good performance), but lots and lots of effects 
are simply missing or wrong. It does quite a bit interesting stuff wined3d 
doesn't seem to handle: strange viewport handling, glow, blending, 
reflections, blur(?). So many unimplemented features I won't even dare to 
file bugreports for every single one... :)

It's the all-time most popular demo on (obviously, given it's called 
"fr-025 - the.popular.demo" ;) ) You can get it at:

Willie Sippel

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