Status of out-of-process custom marshaling

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu May 4 10:46:00 CDT 2006

Bill Medland wrote:

>trace:ole:_marshal_interface ...{b3b13603-a675-11d2-9b95-00104b71eb3f}...
>trace:ole:CoMarshalInterface (0x798f1940, {b3b13603-a675-11d2-9b95-00104b71eb3f}, 0x79e309ec, 0, (nil), MSHLFLAGS_NORMAL)
>fixme:ole:FTMarshalImpl_GetUnmarshalClass (), stub!

Actually, this is the bug. This function doesn't fill in the CLSID 
properly. Also, UnmarshalInterface is unimplemented for the 
free-threaded marshaler. The free-threaded marshaler could really do 
with having some test-cases in the test suite.

Rob Shearman

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