Possibly crazy idea to deal with memory layout problems once and for all

Mike McCormack mike at codeweavers.com
Thu May 11 08:37:34 CDT 2006

Dan Kegel wrote:

>> I don't think this is good for an SoC project, because the changes are
>> small, and you'll spend more time arguing with Alexandre about the right
>> way to do it than doing actual coding.
> The changes may sound small to you, but they're probably a
> month's work for a newbie.  The student could then spend the
> second month converting some open source project that
> currently has a hacked, embedded copy of Wine to use
> vanilla wine, maybe.    I think it's perfectly appopriate,
> especially if we consider it a proof of concept and not something that
> has to be integrated into the Wine tree by end of summer
> to be a success.

It's really Alexandre's call.  It seems like he's probably going to have 
to spend as much time mentoring that application as he would writing the 
code himself.


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