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qingdoa daoo qingdao33122 at
Mon May 15 22:39:45 CDT 2006

How about doing something in explorer. We already launch an instance of
explorer as systray listener for the first Win32 app. We could make explorer
also act as a clipboard server. If that can be done, we no longer rely
 on any message loop in the process doing clipboard operations.

This case *is* important. for example I believe this is why copy/paste
 doesn't work in MSVC6 under wine. We can also make more improvements
 on the clipboard implementation once the new framework is done.

--- Ulrich Czekalla <ulrich.czekalla at> wrote:

> Yes this case is problematic.
> Now that the desktop window is owned by the explorer process
> OpenClipboard(GetDesktopWindow()) won't work. The selection owner will
> become the explorer process but the data will live in the current process.
> The result will be that no data will be available to external processes.
> The code currently depends on the window belonging to the current process.
> Removing this requirement may require moving the clipboard data to the
> wineserver. I have to think about this some more. Either way I'm not sure
> this case is that important.
> One limitation is that we must have a message loop running to handle the X
> selection events otherwise other processes won't have access to our
> clipboard data. So even if I fix the issue with the wrong process becoming
> the selection owner your simple app won't work :-( I don't think it's a
> major concern though because most windows app have a message loop.
> /Ulrich


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