user32: Make all the recently added ShowWindow tests pass in Wine

Tomas Carnecky tom at
Wed May 17 08:36:50 CDT 2006

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> Hello,
> this patch makes all the recently added ShowWindow tests pass in Wine,
> and is aimed to fix the bug #4960.
> Although this patch creates a regression for popup windows created with
> WS_MAXIMIZED style set and calling ShowWindow( SW_SHOWMAXIMIZE ) right
> after that (Windows still calls SetWindowPos in that case, but Wine
> doesn't anymore - the tests show that SetWindowPos should not be called
> for child windows if their state already matches the ShowWindow command)
> but top level windows already behave slightly differently in Wine since
> they are WM driven, and adding window state change (min/max/restore) through
> a WM will make them behave even more differently.
> Changelog:
>     Make all the recently added ShowWindow tests pass in Wine.

This introduced a regression with WoW: The game starts fine, but as soon
as I switch workspace the window disappears (isn't visible in the
workspace switcher anymore), and when I switch back the game runs at
3-5fps.. dead slow.
When I press ATL-TAB the game minimizes correctly (and the underlying
gnome-terminal receives focus), but pressing ALT_TAB again doesn't make
the game full-screen, the game appears as a 32x32pixel window in the top
left corner of the screen. and from now on ALT-TAB toggles between these
two modes, eg. invisible and 32x32pixel window.
To bring the game to the foreground, I need to 'maximize' it using
ALT-TAB, switch to another workspace and then back again. This however
doesn't make the game run at fullspeed, it still runs slowly.
I'm using E17 as the window manager, but I'll test it under metacity, too.


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