Shell32 version, MS Office 2k installation and some dlls that could be implemented

Dragos dragosmg at
Thu May 18 10:16:09 CDT 2006

  Hi guys,

  I have recently looked into installing MS Office 2K
using some of the latest versions of wine (0.9.3 and
10 to 13).

  I have found two things that I would like to ask you

  1. When installing IE5 or Office 2k that installs it
a message box saying: "The spilt of the Windows
Desktop Update from the IE browser has been completed.
You are currently running a self-host version of the
web shell. Please go to
http://ie/teams/setup/shdoc401.htm for more
information on how to run a released version of the
Windows Desktop Update."

  This I solved by changing the version in version.h
of  shell32.dll from the current Win2K SP4 to old one
of win 98.

  My question here is why is this changed? Shouldn't
we change it back if no other app needs it as Win2k
since at least IE5 and MSOffice fail to install
corectly because of it?

  Or at least I wanted to let other people know how to
solve this issue.

  This changed first from 98 to XP in 26/10/2004. Then
from XP to Win2k on 6/12/2004.

  I could create a bug report and post a patch for it
but I wanted to know your oppinion first.

  2. I looked at the code the Cross Over Office 5.0.1
uses and I noticed that some dlls are not implemented
by the official wine code. Dlls like: hlink, ieinfo5,
iernonce which seem to be very connected to a IE5
installation and the restart windows step. There are
others but I am still in the process of investigating
this issue so I am not sure if they matter for this
issue or not. 

  With the change from 1 done the Office installer
works almost ok except for the restart step where dlls
fail to register or functions are not found in some
dlls (some of which I mentioned above).

  My questions here are:
  - I am thinking of taking/adapting if needed code
from the CrossOver Office wine and bringing them to
the official wine just enough to make Office work.
What do you think of this?
  - I am wondering how come these were not ported
already. Any thoughts? Any reason not to? I am
definitely interested in doing it since I would like
to have Office 2k working on the official wine too.



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