GNUnet fails to locate config file

Hans Kristian Rosbach hk at
Tue May 23 08:11:44 CDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-05-23 at 14:47 +0200, Andreas Mohr wrote:
> Hi,
> On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 02:26:11PM +0200, Hans Kristian Rosbach wrote:
> > The real problem appears when I try to start GNUnet,
> > it spews the following:
> > fixme:msvcrt:MSVCRT_setlocale :Codepage only locale not implemented
> Hmm... might want to try with native msvcrt.dll whether that nails it

Well, that'll have to be up to somebody else as can't legally use such
a file here at work. Also won't be able to test at home for a while.

> > Configuration file `C:\Program Files\GNUnet\etc\gnunetd.conf' not
> > Run gnunet-setup!
> > 
> > [hk at linux etc]$ pwd
> > /home/hk/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/GNUnet/etc
> > [hk at linux etc]$ l g*
> > -rw-rw-r--  1 hk hk 2467 May 23 14:15 gnunetd.conf
> > 
> > The configuration program does not help and somehow complains
> > about the same thing. File is there but just cant find it.
> Try
> WINEDEBUG=+file,+dosfs,+msvcrt
> (and maybe add +relay, too)

Well, +relay makes it soooo sloooow that I can even see the cli
window opening. =)

+dosfs revealed absolutely nothing

+file does reveal this (among a lot more):

This loops a lot:
trace:file:CreateFileW L"c:\\windows\\win.ini" GENERIC_READ
FILE_SHARE_READ  creation 3 attributes 0x80
trace:file:RtlDosPathNameToNtPathName_U (L"c:\\windows\
trace:file:RtlGetFullPathName_U (L"c:\\windows\\win.ini" 520 0x7fc5e3e4
trace:file:wine_nt_to_unix_file_name L"\\??\\C:\\windows\\win.ini" ->
trace:file:CreateFileW returning 0x38

And then:
trace:file:WriteFile 0x2c 0x3eae82f0 20 0x7fc6fca8 (nil)
Configuration file `trace:file:WriteFile 0x2c 0x7fee0630 40 0x7fc6fca8
C:\Program Files\GNUnet\etc\gnunetd.conftrace:file:WriteFile 0x2c
0x7fee0600 38 0x7fc6fca8 (nil)
' not found.  Run `gnunet-setup -d'!

So this doesn't really help me understand a great deal.

I can send whole logs on request, or you can simply try it yourself :)


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