WineD3D: Do not addref a NULL backbuffer

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at
Tue May 23 11:06:45 CDT 2006

> It is worth fixing although it should never occur, as ddraw will never call 
> GetBackBuffer(it manages them on it's own), and apparantly windows d3d8 and 
> d3d9 always create a back buffer, even if backbuffercount = 0 (This needs a 
> test case and a fix in d3d8 and 
Look at the swapchains demo... it recently started to crash with NULL 
backbuffer issues.  This is a d3d9 demo. Also, it may be relevant to 
your swapchain linked list fixes, since last time I tried it the second 
window was not textured - haven't tested since then (because it started 

=>1 0x7e9061db 
iBackBuffer=0x0, Type=0x0, ppBackBuffer=0x7f9cfc04) 
[/wine-git/dlls/wined3d/swapchain.c:385] in wined3d (0x7e9061db)

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