building win32/wine .exe's

NikNot niknot at
Mon May 29 20:17:36 CDT 2006

I am running wine (including winelib development packages) un Ubuntu
6.x beta, and I'd like, if possible, to migrate my Win32 development
from Win2k to Ubuntu (where most of my development is done).

Further to winelib information found in and makefile examples from, I came to the
conclusion that it should be possible to build, under Linux, a single
.exe file that would run under both wine on Linux and on win2k. One of
the simplest examples in ...Petzold.htm above (clover.c) can be
compiled and linked as:

winegcc -c -mno-cygwin clover.c
winegcc -o clover.exe clover.o -mno-cygwin -mwindows -lcomctl32
-lcomdlg32 -lwinmm -ladvapi32 -lwinspool

Both steps run with no errors, but the result is and a
shell script clover. Either will run under Ubuntu/wine, but .so is of
course not a win32 executable.

Is my assumption that it is possible to build a win32 executable using
winegcc on Linux correct? If yes, I must be missing something rather
obvious: any pointer will be appreciated.

TIA, Nik N.

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