Set up wine-macosx? (Re: How are we doing?)

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Tue May 30 11:12:57 CDT 2006

On 5/30/06, Jim White <jim at> wrote:
> Was there a single warm fuzzy from anyone on this list?  No.
> Fortunately we get them from Macfolk on a regular basis.

Press/news announcements almost never garner warm fuzzies on the devel
list.  That's not to say they're not appreciated; I think a lot of
people in the community genuinely like to hear such things.  It's
okay, don't worry.  It's takes a while to realize that silence on this
list doesn't imply apathy, rather it usually means tacit improval.
For example, see the recent LJ article I sent a message to the list

> Did it get mentioned in Wine Weekly?  Nope.  And we know it got out
> before the deadline since the Google Picassa posting on the next day got
> plenty of ink.

Right.. you noticed that Dan and I both noticed it before you.  So to
a lot of developers that wasn't news.  That's ok.

> Oh, wait.  The award *did* get mentioned in Wine Weekly issue #311.
> Hmmm, except that not only is Darwine not in the subject line, it isn't
>  mentioned at all.  There is some whining that Wine didn't win though.
> Thanks guys.

I've been nothing but supportive of Darwine in everything I've
written.  I'd like to think WWN provides the biggest window into the
Wine development process of anything else the project does.  The rest
of the world not on wine-devel knows more about Wine through WWN than
any other way.  I'm fairly confident when I say that every Wine
developer would like to see Wine runnng on Mac OS X.  It's certainly
my personal view, so that's the one that goes into WWN.  I regularly
browse the Darwine mailing list and you may have seen threads from
there appear in WWN.  Did you by any chance read this section of WWN
from  last month?

Now, as far as not feeling the love, I'd strongly encourage as many
Darwine developers as possible to attend Wineconf in September.  I
know last year I personally invited Pierre.

Anyway, don't take code criticism too personally on wine-devel.  I
really don't understand why you think the whole community is against
you when I think the whole community is on your side.  (Anyone want to
prove me wrong?)


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