[Darwine] Set up wine-macosx? (Re: How are we doing?)

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Tue May 30 13:35:10 CDT 2006

> Geez.  Clearly I am being too subtle.  Guess I needed to add a ;-)
> rather than my Rodney Dangerfield "But seriously".

Um, yes.  I took it as an accusation of an event I have helped to plan,
not as a jest.

> So why are you not supporting setting up a wine-macos(x) list @ WineHQ?

Hmm.  I feel that you are putting words in my mouth.  I told you in
a private email that I did not know whether it was a good idea or not,
although I did say I felt strongly it should be users only.

I was hoping you would propose it in a clean email thread so that subject,
and that subject alone, could be discussed and debated.

So, yes, I am not actively supporting it, but I'm not actively against it either.



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