wine problems on a 64bit system

Pavel Troller patrol at
Wed May 31 06:14:44 CDT 2006

> Hi Pavel,
Hi Steven!
> I've only slightly followed wine-devel recently
> Are you using a stock Fedora kernel? 
No. I'm using vanilla kernels just with exec-shield patch from Ingo Molnar.
I'm not using any well-known distro. 
> They are all (x86-64) built with SMP support.
My ones are also built with SMP support, because both the 64bit machines
have dual-core CPUs. One of them is Pentium-D and the second is Dual Opteron.
> Would it be possible to check with a custom built non-smp
> kernel to see if you have the same behavior? 
OK. These machines build a kernel in 3 minutes, no problem to try to disable
SMP and verify.
  However, the 32bit one is also SMP :-); it's MSI K7D Master board populated
with 2 Athlons MP. It works perfectly and it's ideal for gaming, because one
CPU handles Xserver and similar and the other runs the game :-). wine has no
problems with it.
> I've been looking in to
> this matter myself but its been slow going because I lack a 64bit
> system here. Can you run a strace on a winelib process and send us the
> results with both the SMP and non-smp kernels?
Will do.
           With regards, Pavel Troller

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