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Am Montag, 2. Oktober 2006 04:49 schrieb Vitaliy Margolen:
> EA Durbin wrote:
> >> So the short story is that copy protection support is the
> >> gating issue here, and it's a serious PITA.
> >
> > What specifically  keeps most copy protection from working with wine?
> > Why does it work in some applications, such as Star Wars Jedi Academy
> > and not others?
> There are several types of copy protection. Those that use kernel
> drivers do not work on Wine because ... Wine has no kernel to load those
> drivers into. We will need at least ntoskrnl.exe implemented because
> it's more of a "dll" then exe and all drivers import number of functions
> from it.
> Of course we can only emulate "kernel" to some point. But even that
> would be enough for drivers that only check for debugger presence and
> nothing else.
As far as I know, the Flex copy protection scheme used by, for example, 
Photoshop and ZBrush also writes a key somewhere on the harddisk. Not on the 
file system, but somewhere in the unused space after the MBR IIRC. It should 
be quite hard to make this work I think? 


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