[Tools/Wine.inf] Set Internet Explorer version

Frank Richter frank.richter at gmail.com
Sun Oct 8 11:33:39 CDT 2006

On 28.06.2006 21:03, Sven Paschukat wrote:
> Maarten Lankhorst schrieb:
>> Windows seems to set internet explorer only during a new installation
>> or upgrade of internet explorer, so I put it in wine.inf, which seemed
>> appropriate.
>> Changelog:
>> Set version strings for Internet Explorer so programs dependent on it
>> can install.
> This breaks installation of real IE. Setting version to IE 5.5 would
> give the users a chance to install at least version 6.0.

With these keys:
> HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer","Build",,"62800.1106"
> HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer","Version",,"6.0.2800.1106"
> HKLM,"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer","W2kVersion",,"6.0.2800.1106"

...IE6SP1 from microsoft.com still installs. So that would let programs
that use these keys to detect the IE version to find an IE6 but also
allow users to install MS' IE6.


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