windows web server app fails to send more than 11680 bytes !?

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Oct 8 19:55:49 CDT 2006

idc wrote:
>I'm testing a windows app I'd very much like to run under Wine (using
>It's not yet working under Wine, fails to serve larger files...
>For example, the app tries to write 25017 bytes to the socket, but the
>socket only allows 11680 bytes at a time, and the TCP stack fragments
>this in 8 packets of 1460 bytes, presumably because it only has 8
>buffers reserved. So far so good.
>We see them being sent on the Ethernet and the ACK's are coming in, but
>after these 8 packets there should be a signal to trigger the OnSend
>function of the app so it can send the next part of data, but this never
>If it really gets interesting, I can ask the developer for a more
detailed report,
>including the Ethereal log snippet, in case somebody wants to actually
>look into it. First I'd like to find out if this is the right place,
or if I should
>"bury" it into bugzilla.

It's fine to bring it up here, but you should definitely create a bug
report in bugzilla,
including a small test program that reproduces the problem, with
source if possible.
(That doesn't bury it; rather, it exposes it to the blinding light of
our crack debugging
team :-)
- Dan

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