Make all windows moveable by default

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Oct 11 09:52:51 CDT 2006

"Vitaliy Margolen" <wine-devel at> wrote:

>> Although I see the caption with my patch, I think that the problem is
>> somewhere else: before and after my patch applied a window which is 
>> supposed to be fullscreen, doesn't cover KDE's app bar. That most
> So there is a problem still. I was dealing with that by allowing other
> windows to cover taskbar - works fine.

Normal (not topmost) windows should not be able to cover a WM's app bar.
Since WS_EX_TOPMOST support is not implemented in Wine, therefore if
a window covers the WM's app bar then it's either put in a fullscreen
state by a WM, or (not 100% sure about this one) it is not managed.


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