adding undocumented APIs to public headers

James Hawkins truiken at
Tue Oct 10 16:35:26 CDT 2006

Hey guys,

What is our policy on adding undocumented functions to Wine's public
headers?  My stance is that we, as an alternative implementation of
the Win32 API, provide another set of Win32 public headers, like
Microsoft and cygwin/mingw provide as well.  If our headers contain
undocumented functions that no other headers have, then we're just
that much more complete.  I've always thought of the Wine code base as
documentation for the Win32 API, especially in places where there is
no documentation from Microsoft.  There are several places where
-Wmissing-declarations warns about missing declarations for exported
APIs.  A lot of these have no corresponding entry in Microsoft's
public headers.  Adding these declarations gets rid of the warnings
and makes our headers more complete.  What are your thoughts on this

James Hawkins

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