Question: Convert source tarball to GIT repository

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Oct 23 15:01:14 CDT 2006

Matthew Kehrer wrote:

> So what commands are needed to just update it?
> I understand how to set it up from what you have said.

So, assuming you created a Git tree from Wine tarball as follows:

tar jxvf wine-0.9.23.tar.bz2 | sed s/^wine-0.9.23\\/// > list
cd wine-0.9.23
git init-db
git update-index --add `cat ../list`
git commit -m "Import of wine-0.9.23"

And the initial tree's SHA-1 ID matches:

Committing initial tree c8369ac44e507d96073ca57e9a0a1e77f5ec9511

Download my update script from
then change into your Wine 0.9.23 Git directory and run the script. ie.

cd wine-0.9.23

This should download the latest commits from via my server. 
The output is something like:

mike at black:~/wine-0.9.23$ sh
Last tree is 5e4b428f32db20582941331a37f1cdb9f462da77
Now querying for a matching commit...
Matching commit is 2cb378d498b7525eb34bd163fcc77d00fe595335
Now downloading patches...

Things to remember:

* You shouldn't commit to this Git tree... clone it first and commit to 
the clone, or branch and switch back to the original branch for updates. 
  If you commit to the branch that updates come to, the update script 
won't work.

* It requires an equivalent hacked up gitweb.cgi, which is only on the 
website pointed to by the script at the moment.

* This is hacked together in a few hours.  To get something more 
reliable and that might be acceptable to the Git project will take 
somewhat longer.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any testing anybody is willing to give the 
script, and any feedback.


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