Wine 0.9.21 fails to run

Ken Zalewski kennyz at
Mon Sep 18 13:20:19 CDT 2006

I just upgraded from 0.9.20 to 0.9.21, and now nothing will run, 
including simple programs such as sol.exe and notepad.exe.

The error message I'm receiving is:

X Error of failed request:  BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
  Major opcode of failed request:  145 (NV-GLX)
  Minor opcode of failed request:  4 ()
  Resource id in failed request:  0x242
  Serial number of failed request:  19
  Current serial number in output stream:  19

My system is a Slackware 10.2 system, running kernel, x11 
6.8.2, and NVidia driver 8774.

I have seen some other postings on the Net about this, including 
postings in the Ubuntu forums (which means that this is not limited to 

Downgrading to 0.9.20 gets everything working again.  My guess, based on 
the "NV-GLX" message, is that something was changed in the OpenGL 
support between 0.9.20 and 0.9.21, and it has broken Wine.

I'll be happy to help debug this.


Ken Zalewski
Slackware package maintainer

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