My Wineconf 2006 trip report

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Tue Sep 19 00:28:50 CDT 2006

On Tue, Sep 19, 2006 at 04:05:16AM +0200, Willie Sippel wrote:
> Thanks a lot for the writeup!
> Regarding the 1.0 goals, is that nasty OpenGL viewport bug (2398) still 
> considered a blocker? What about the DIB engine (421), or at least the 
> client-side DIB copy optimization (3902)? Did you talk about those issues?

The OpenGL viewport bug was talked about, and some suggestion were made.

DIB engine was briefly mentioned, but not talked about. This one is more
in the area "Someone just needs to do it".

DIB copy optimization I have not heard.

Oh and I forgot one talk ...

- Stefan Doesinger on DirectX

  Stefan reported about the current D3D status.

  - All direct3d v* use wined3d now.
  - Some OpenGL problems (see above)
  - Need to fix copy protection problems to run games legally without
  - Some direct3d v10 is in work.

  - d3d_xx.dll (d3d shader helper libraries)
    Can use the native ones, but it would be better to have them
    implemented ourselves. This might even be a speed advantage.

  - Also Stefan demoed several games/tests and pointed out still existing
    flaws in them.

Ciao, Marcus

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