Governance revisited (Wineconf report)

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Fri Sep 22 19:51:49 CDT 2006

Jeff Latimer wrote:
>> And exactly this information should probably be stated in the
>> wine-patches subscription welcome mail.
>> "If for some reason the Wine patches you submit fail to get applied,
>> then we'd appreciate you taking the effort of submitting your current
>> patch
>> as a new item at bugzilla to help us track your work properly until it's
>> fully applied."
> The next question is how long does someone wait till resorting to
> Bugzilla.  Depending on the criteria it could generate a fair bit of
-several days :)

As in if some one wants to fix something, they should either provide a
test (best choice) or open bug and describe the problem, and the resolution.

> noise in the database with a lot of patches that would normally be
This will not be noise but _correct_ use of bug database. Making good
bug report is really helpful and 1/2 of the resolution.

> accepted after a couple of goes.  Who is responsible for clearing the
> bug report after acceptance?   Unless you are actually actively pushing
Of course ultimately  bug submitter would be the right person to test if
bug is still present in new version and act upon it.

> the patch for acceptance, the submitter of a patch to Bugzilla would
> probably be unaware that it had been accepted.
They don't have to. All they need is update Wine to new version whenever
it's released.


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