Using signals to turn logging on and off

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Apr 5 23:10:34 CDT 2007

I tried the patch in the wiki to control logging with f12,
but it wasn't quite satisfying, because only one process
has the keyboard, so you can only turn one process'
logging on and off.  This isn't so great if the process you're
interested in never has the keyboard.  (Like com servers
started up during installers.)

So I played around with using unix signals instead.
And rather than having a signal toggle the enable status,
I used one signal for enable and another for disable.
The feature is only turned on if you set the WINEDEBUGSIG environment var.

Problem is, all I can do is turn logging off; turning it on doesn't
work for some reason.  Feh.  Can somebody spot what I did wrong?
It's at
It was monkey-see-monkey-do code, to some extent, so I wouldn't
be surprised if there's an obvious problem.
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