Richedit URL hyperlink bug

Andrew Talbot Andrew.Talbot at
Mon Apr 9 04:24:51 CDT 2007


I run an app (Blitzin2) that displays scrolling text with various
highlightings in a rich edit control. When displaying hyperlinks comprising
normal words, they are rendered in blue and underlined, and whatever
follows is rendered appropriately. However, if the displayed link text
happens to constitute a URL, the blue-underlining doesn't get switched off
at the end of the link, so all subsequent text is rendered in blue and


This is a _link_ to somewhere.
    (This renders fine.)

Visit _www.winehq.org_ to learn about a great piece of software.
    (This stays blue-underlined after the link.)

I thought I would post this here first, in case anyone "knows exactly where
that is".


-- Andy.

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