Patch for AddFontMemResourceEx implemetation in wine

Byeong-Sik Jeon wjsqudtlr at
Tue Apr 17 05:27:20 CDT 2007

2007-04-17, 12:53 +0930, Patrick Eiffe wrote: 
> Beong-Jik,
> Hi, 
> I have updated your patch from 
> to work with the latest git, and I was going to send it in but I was informed 
> that it would be much easier for the patch to be added if it was sent by the 
> original author.
> By the way, thanks a bunch for implementing this, 
> now I can play AOE 3 with the correct font :P
> Regards,
> 	Patrick Eiffe
Hi, I'm glad your mail. :)

My RemoveFontMemResourceEx function implementation is bad. This function
implementation has the critical problem. This patch need to rewrite.
For playing AOE 3, we need the AddFontMemResourceEx function only.

Implementation of AddFontMemResourceEx function is not difficult.
I hope any codeweavers people's good work. Not Me. My patch was always
bad... and, I can't spend my time.

I'm sorry my poor english. 
Thank you.

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