wine 0.9.30-35 Something strange happened with the fonts ?

Phil Lodwick Phil.Lodwick at EFI.COM
Tue Apr 17 12:48:35 CDT 2007

> We shouldn't be installing fonts into c:\windows\fonts.  
> They go into /usr/share/wine/fonts where Wine should 
> find them (or they'll be found in the build tree if you're
> running straight from there).

I have a question about this.  It appears that the registry entries for the
fonts are added in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts.
For example:

FreeMono Bold (TrueType) == FreeMonoBold.ttf.

If I understand the documentation, if a full path is not given the fonts can
be found in <WINDIR>\fonts.  An application that wants to work with the fonts
directly and enumerates the fonts via this table in the registry will not be
able to find the fonts.  

What is the best way to work around this?  A symbolic link for each font that
is referenced in the registry font table?


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