Better Debugging Possibilities for Wine on Ubuntu

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Apr 18 10:21:04 CDT 2007

sh wrote:
> [apport doesn't handle wine well.
>  And where should the bugs be filed - wine's bugzilla, or launchpad?]

The bugs should definitely go to launchpad, because
each distribution has a different set of packages and
bugs, each distribution's crash logger should go to
its own bug tracker.  winehq's bugzilla should be
treated as an upstream bug tracker, and only manually
triaged and distilled versions of the automated bug reports
should go upstream.

BTW the apport doc is at
and it would be great if some systemy sort of
guy had a look.  I'll see if I can find somebody to...
I would myself, but I can't type enough to get any real work
done these days.
- Dan

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