wine.inf: update registry key

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Fri Apr 20 05:06:35 CDT 2007

"Louis. Lenders" <xerox_xerox2000 at> wrote:

> I cannot check how it looks in a default Windows setup anymore, as i
> installed another browser (mozilla) on my windowsXP installation. However,
> there's one thing I don't get: the key on my WinXp installation does have
> that extra "%1" now, so would that mean that picasa would crash on my
> windowsXp installation after i installed, or do things work differently
> there?

Picasa doesn't crash on any setup (and the problem is not a crash but not
working help items), and as far as I know help in Picasa works with Mozilla
installed in XP. But that means that if you want to introduce not standard
registry setup you need to make sure that applications still work, i.e.
ShellExecute behaves properly in both cases. Right now adding %1 breaks
ShellExecute in Wine.


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