wine 0.9.30-35 Something strange happened with the fonts ?

Nick Law nlaw at
Wed Apr 18 11:42:02 CDT 2007

Huw Davies wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 08:44:13AM +0100, Nick Law wrote:
>> yes, /usr/local/share/wine/fonts/ exists my system and is only populated 
>> with two fonts, broadway.ttf and ad5font.fon. So all the fonts from the 
>> build which include courier (fon) and serife don't get transferred to 
>> either /usr/local/share/wine/fonts/ or anywhere in .wine, that explains 
>> why serief, courier & system don't now show up on the font list when I 
>> run notepad.
> It's ${prefix}/share/wine/fonts where ${prefix} defaults to /usr/local
> and can be changed by running configure with the --prefix option.
> They get installed there where you run make install.  I've no idea
> where the broadway.ttf and ad5font.fon fonts come from, but they're
> certainly not from a Wine install.
>> Should I expect to find all the fonts that are in my build directory 
>> /home/guest/downloads/wine/wine-0.9.35/fonts/ ie 108 files in 
>> /usr/local/share/wine/fonts/ ? if so they don't appear to get copied in 
>> the install (at least by version 0.9.35)
> Well the 39 .fon fonts and marlett.ttf should be installed there.  You
> should try to work out why that's not happening.
> Huw.
Thanks Huw,

:-) , /usr/local/share/wine/fonts/ is a symbolic link to ...... 
/home/guest/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts/ ... lol
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 39 2006-04-03 00:19 fonts -> 

Now I understand why there is nothing in /usr/local/share/wine/fonts/ 
... doing a 'make install' re populates /usr/local/share/wine/fonts/ 
which means because it's symbolically linked, the fonts all show up in 

So, notepad now shows the courier, small font, sans serief and system 
fonts (all .fon files) in the list of fonts in notepad. All well and 
good, however I still have the problem that if you select any of these 
non true type fonts, ie courier, small font, sans serief and system 
fonts you just get blank characters.

Now I need to figure out if the problem lies with fontforge or elsewhere 
? ( I have a feeling it's elsewhere).

I would appreciate it if somebody could confirm that they can type 
characters into notepad using the courier (non truetype font) on 0.9.35 
and confirm the coure.fon md5 as ..

fac1cac04f5717b67e642ac8197f4c1d /usr/local/share/wine/fonts/coure.fon 
4912 bytes

This would at least confirm whether the problem lies with fontforge on 
my system or elsewhere.

Thanks again for your help, it's much appreciated.


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