wine 0.9.30-35 Something strange happened with the fonts ? ** Problem Solved **

Nick Law nlaw at
Sun Apr 22 15:31:13 CDT 2007

The problem : When using notepad the following fonts are invisible when 
you type anything into notepad.

MS San Serif
Small Fonts

They appear in the pull down fonts menu, but if you select one of these 
fonts and start typing in the notepad, no characters are displayed. (As 
if they were white characters on a white background). ie you can still 
use the arrow keys to move through these invisible characters.

Huw's suggestion was spot on. On the Suse 9.3, the system that had this 
problem, it had fontforge 20040808-5, which is the version supplied on 
the Suse 9.3 professional CD's. I deinstalled the 20040808-5 version & 
installed fontforge 20070312-1 which solved the problem. The above fonts 
now display correctly.

It may be worth having ./configure check versions of fontforge to avoid 
this problem ?


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