wine killing X?

Nick Law nlaw at
Sat Apr 28 09:11:30 CDT 2007

Yes, I get this too. It's present in 0.9.36 and appears to have been 
introduced in 0.9.35 or possibly 0.9.34.

I can reproduce this bug pretty easily when I run world of warcraft on 
wine. My setup is a virtual 1024x768 wine window. I start wow it plays 
just fine for as long as I want .... _as long as I don't move that 
virtual wine window_ anywhere on the desktop. If I do move the virtual 
window, within about 15 seconds, the screen will freeze. And it really 
does freeze in a big way, it not only freezes X but you can't even type 
a CNTRL-ALT F1 to F6 to bring up a login screen (keyboard unresponsive) 
so you can not even login to shut the system down cleanly.

I haven't tried updating my ATI proprietary driver to the latest version 
yet, although the one I'm runing is pretty recent. But I will update it 
to the latest & see if that has any effect.

Here's my hardware spec.
Wine 0.9.36 (DiasabledExtensions added to registry)
ATI 9550 256MB AGP (ATI Driver 8.35.5) (No 3D desktop installed, such as 
Suse 10.2 3.0GHz P4 + 1GB CPU memory
Wow 2.0.12 working with wine 0.9.36 in opengl mode flawlessly! on a 1280 
x 1024 desktop in a wine 1024 x 768 virtual desktop window, except when 
you move the virtual window about.
Known problems 1. switching video resiolutions in game causes a crash)

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