New bugzilla components.

Jan Zerebecki at
Sun Dec 16 06:20:26 CST 2007

For me with this renaming is important that at least from the
description it should then be absolutely clear what goes into a
component and what not (for a developer).

On Sat, Dec 15, 2007 at 09:27:52PM -0700, Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> > What's happened to the proposal to remove the wine- prefix from
> > bugzilla components and have the components represent the dlls
> > they belong to?

I didn't want to remove the wine- prefix without also getting
most of the other wanted changes done in the same go. But those
require that someone gets a list of the exact changes posted and
agreed upon on. I didn't have time for that yet... but if none of
the other admins get it done I can probably find the time to make
the changes in such a list.

I think such a list would need: old name (empty for new
components); new name; description (should list other names that are associated with the
component or things contained in the component, list of source
files that this component contains with bash style globs).

We can also change the default assignee (currently
wine-bugs at for all components) and/or default cc list
(AFAIK currently empty for all components).

Possibly bad example:
wine-directx-dshow; directx-dshow; DirectShow ( dlls/{quartz,msdmo,qcap}/ );
    dshow-hacker at test.test; dshowhacker2 at test.test, dhowhacker3 at test.text;

If we want to move all the bugs from one component to other
components we can delete the component after it doesn't contain
any bugs anymore:

wine-foo; deprecated-foo; Bugs in this component should be moved to bar or misc.

> This would be really nice, however not sure how much work will it take. 
> Don't think bugzilla supports renaming of the components. Might need some 
> custom converter.

Bugzilla supports renaming components.


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