New bugzilla components.

Kai Blin kai.blin at
Sun Dec 16 15:37:46 CST 2007

On Sunday 16 December 2007 21:14:16 James Hawkins wrote:

> Ok, I'll start off the list.  This is a first draft, open to changes
> and discussion.  Entries with a (?) means I'm not sure.
> Components:
> wine-net ->
If you delete that one, we definitely need a "winsock" component. Or ws2_32... 
or wsock.. I prefer "winsock" as that matches the debug channel as well.

> wine-sspi -> (?) I prefer individual modules with a security or sspi
> keyword, but it's not up to me
> -> secur32

Coming to think about that, if we're fine to add more categories for things 
like secur32.dll, how about splitting up those by debug channel? E.g. my ntlm 
provider has an "ntlm" debug channel, the kerberos provider that I keep 
starting and restarting in some branches on my box always uses "kerberos", 
and Juan might want to use schannel as debug channel.

That would also help advanced users to correctly file bugs according to 
fixmes, e.g. if they run into an unimplemented function.


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