[GDI32] Fix for GetTextExtentExPointW() and ExtTextOutW() - Fixes Bug 50

John Smith xixsimplicityxix at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 08:54:11 CST 2007

Hey Pedro,
Was there supposed to be an attachment on your last message? I didn't see

John Klehm

On 2/8/07, Pedro Araujo Chaves Jr. <inckie at gmail.com> wrote:
> Attached is my proposed patch for Bug #50; the test case was attached
> in my previous message.
> --
> Patch description:
> This patch fixes Wine's Bug #50: "PrgWin95: Text justification needs
> beefing up".
> What it does: first, it takes in consideration that not always the
> number of extra pixels will be a multiple of the number of break
> characters in a given extent of a given string that should be
> justified, and so the integer division of extra by breaks in
> SetTextJustification() is likely to leave a remainder (which the
> latter function addresses, of course, but ExtTextOutW() seems to
> overlook — that's the reason for the changes at lines 1788 (breakRem),
> and 1901 and 1922 (dc->breakExtra || breakRem), which prevent some
> lines from being ignored in the justification).
> That fixed, if there remained any pixels indeed, their number
> shouldn't be greater than dc->breakCount; then the first breakRem
> break characters in that given extent are widened by one pixel (lines
> 1925-1929 added).
> GetTextExtentExPointW() is also fixed so that it now returns the
> expected width of the text when it is to be justified. This has the
> good side effect that TabbedTextOut() now also returns the proper
> width when called after SetTextJustification(). What the patch does
> here is that GetTextExtentExPointW() now calculates the extra width
> only when (breakExtra || breakRem) resolves TRUE , and corrects the
> extra space additions by applying them only to break characters. What
> was broken before is that it always added extra space, regardless of
> whether it was measuring a single character or a full string, or
> whether it was a break character or not. (Lines added: 1191, 1199,
> 1227, 1229, 1236-1245, 1254-1268).
> This patch is copyrighted by Banco do Brasil under the LGPL.
> --
> Regards,
> Pedro Araújo.
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