comctl32: rebar: rewrite the layouting code

Robert Shearman rob at
Fri Feb 9 07:57:02 CST 2007

Mikołaj Zalewski wrote:
> I've been trying to fix the rebar layouting code. But fixes in one 
> place caused regressions because of bugs in other places and I ended 
> up rewriting the whole layouting code. It does roughly the same as the 
> current code however the details are quite different and I hope more 
> correct. It's also much shorter so it should be earier to 
> understand/debug. My code work for me for all apps I tested (except 
> for the sidebars of IE but I'm trying to find out why). It also passes 
> some tests I've written and produces identical results that the 
> native. Two things could be potentially better in the old code:
>  - it contains some support for RBBS_FIXEDSIZE (however different from 
> what Windows does)
>  - it can break rows to fill the given space (but that should be only 
> done for RBS_AUTOSIZE rebars)
>  I have yet to test the REBAR_Maximize and REBAR_Minimize but I have 
> two questions. Does this code cause regressions in apps that works 
> with the current code and would such big patch be accepted?

I haven't got any apps to test with (other than IE and it looks like 
you've already tried that), but nice work!

Rob Shearman

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