comctl32: rebar: rewrite the layouting code

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Fri Feb 9 09:33:14 CST 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:

> Mikołaj wrote:
>> I've tested it also with WinRAR, WinSCP3 3.30, 7-Zip and Pirch98 (the
>> last two have Bugzilla entries and are fixed by the new code). The only
>> thing I've found not to work are the sidebars of IE.
> Did they work with the old code?

WinRAR did. Other had bigger or smaller problems.

>> For the next week I won't work on wine but what should I do later -
>> would such a big patch be accepted?
> As long as it doesn't cause regressions in IE, probably,
> though adding more conformance tests would
> make acceptance more likely.

IE sidebars didn't work before and the main toolbar seems to work OK. 
Even the sidebars seems to work slighty better as some horizontal 
toolbar are now visible. Next week I'll add some more tests - especially 
I'd need to test RB_MAXIMIZE/RB_MINIMIZE and changing the band cx.

Mikolaj Zalewski

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