signedness/WINAPI changing question

Michael Stefaniuc mstefani at
Sun Feb 11 04:33:14 CST 2007

Joris Huizer wrote:
> I have a small question:
> I find some function
> pstream, LONG lSample)
> (in the avifil32 dll), the second parameter should
> really be an ULONG instead of a LONG. It'd fix the
> signedness problems.
> My question is, is such a change allowed?
If it is a official WinAPI you have to conform to what Windows has
there. If it is an internal function you can change it.

> And what should I do to update for such a change
> (except for the header gcc warns about)
> In case such change must not be performed, I'll just
> add a local variable which is a casted version.
> I thought this needs asking; adding in unnecessary
> variables doesn't seem the best fix to me.


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