Direct Draw "palette_convert"

Nathan Williams nathan.andrew.williams at
Thu Feb 15 05:48:48 CST 2007

Google to the rescue! (I googled Roderick's name, i was lead right to
the patches!)

I believe this is the patch he was talking about, I'll give it a try
in the morning & see how it goes.

On 2/15/07, Stefan Dösinger <stefan at> wrote:
> Am Donnerstag 15 Februar 2007 08:52 schrieb Roderick Colenbrander:
> > Use this patch which I made a while ago. I still need to fix some things in
> > it but it handles the conversion using fragment shaders. You need to set
> > the DirectDrawRenderer to opengl and RenderTargetLockMode to readtex. I
> > hope to clean it up soon.
> Forgot the patch?


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