WineConf 2007 Fundraiser proposal

Tom Wickline twickline at
Thu Feb 22 12:04:27 CST 2007

On 2/21/07, Tom Wickline <twickline at> wrote:
> Comments and suggestions are at this time highly suggested!

We could have a small WPF "Guidelines" and spell out what we intend to
spend any raised funds on/for.. Trying to answer the tough questions
at hand!

Here is a rough suggestion, please feel free to comment on it!

(Q) What will the funds that I donate be spent on?
(A) All WPF funds will go toward the goal of the Wine project being a
self sufficient entity, from time to time we will need to purchase new
servers and have maintenance done on our existing servers. We can also
help subsidize the purchase of documentation and programming tools for
core developers. But the bulk of the funds will be spent on a yearly
conference for developers.

(Q) What will the funds that are generated through adsence be spent on?
(A) The above answer!

(Q) Who is in charge of the WPF funds and distribution?
(A) Jeremy White CEO and potentate of CodeWeavers

(Q) What role will the WPF play in the conference?
(A) The WPF will rent conference facilities, pay for one group meal,
and one group outing for social conversation and comradery, sponsor
travel expenses for core Wine developers.

(Q) Who is eligible for conference sponsorship?
(A) The top twenty core developers by lines of code committed to the git tree

(Q) How often is eligibility reviewed?
(A) On a yearly basis

(Q) Who is in charge of the guidelines and how are changes made to it.
(A) Changes can only be made by a consciences of the core developers
and Jeremy White the overseer of the WPF.


The above suggestions and comments are my personal thoughts and
suggestions, they should in no way be meant as a consciences or goals
set by or of the Wine project.

> Tom

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