Problems with the serial interface

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Mon Jan 1 07:54:12 CST 2007

Reinhard Karcher a écrit :
> Hello wine developers,
> the attached patch fixes some issues I had with the 16 bit configuration
> program for our SOHO PBX.
Hi Reinhard,

thanks the work on the attached patch
items #1 and #4 look ok to me
I'm not sure about #2. Does it make a real difference for your program ?
regarding #3, it's a left over from old code, where we handled 
differently read and write operations. However, your proposed fix looks 
acceptable (and is similar to what is done for ReadComm16 anyway).

I'd suggest anyhow to split this patch in smaller chunks, since they 
don't correlate at all (in their fixes)
you should provide :
- #1 & #2 together (if #2 is really needed) (as typos in ntdll/serial.c 
- #3 as a speed improvement for 16bit comm support
- #4 as an erroneous wait operation


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