appdb rating inflation

Ben Hodgetts (Enverex) ben at
Wed Jan 3 04:10:52 CST 2007

Frank Richter wrote:
> On 03.01.2007 04:00, Dan Kegel wrote:
>> No manual editing of files, no winecfg settings, no native DLLs, no 
>> third-party
>> install scripts, and no cracks are allowed for a Platinum rating.
> Giving a set of points may lead to some people think "hey to run 
> MyApplication I just have to <some obscure workaround>. It's not in 
> the list, so lets rate it platinum!". So maybe put some generalized 
> criterium in front of that list: "The application should install and 
> run on a fresh, unmodified Wine, from original installation media. 
> That means, among other things, no manual editing of files, ..."
> OTOH, there are not much "obscure workarounds" not covered by that 
> list. Manually editing the registry might be one that should be be 
> disallowed. Also, you mentioned apps that only run as root; this might 
> be worthwhile to disallow, too.
> -f.r.
I'd have to disagree on the NoCD bit simply because the AppDB will only 
ever end up with a handful of Platinum games at best due to the fact 
that copy-protection code will not be implemented for quite some time, 
if ever when really other than that easily workaroundable point the game 
may work perfectly.


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