appdb rating inflation

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Jan 3 12:37:07 CST 2007

Dan Kegel wrote:
> I dislike the idea of adding even more rating levels
> (diamond, etc.); that just adds to confusion.

I agree.  I also think that most Wine enthusiasts
are on crack when it comes to ratings.

The fact that an app works well for *my purposes* does
*not* make it Gold in my not so humble opinion.

If multiplayer support is broken, how on earth can a
game be considered anything but bronze?  A huge chunk
of the functionality is missing!

This has long been a pet peeve of mine.  I remember a post
to Slashdot long ago where someone claimed:
  "Microsoft Office works perfectly!"
The reality was that if you installed it on Windows,
copied the files (including a bunch of Windows DLLs),
hacked the registry and a bunch of other things,
you could get it to start.  But then if you typed
anything or tried to save a file or did anything else,
it crashed and burned.   Perfect?  Yeah, right.

I hate to yell at people for being
too enthusiastic, but setting expectations high
is a recipe for failure.  Setting them low gives
you room to exceed expectations.




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