appdb rating inflation

EA Durbin ead1234 at
Wed Jan 3 19:08:55 CST 2007

>You really expect people to have to read HOWTOs?
>Windows users certainly don't expect to, why should Wine users?

Agreed, we can't attract a serious user base and offer it as a viable 
alternative to Windows if it requires a howto to get working. It should just 
work.  Windows users trying out linux for the first time expect it to just 
work, yet linux has its quirks and requires a somewhat technical userbase, 
which is what in my opinion prevents more users from switching. The lack of 
certain windows games,punkbuster, and copy protection working in linux is 
what keeps me from formatting my Windows box and switching %100. Requiring a 
howto is an inconvenience and a turn-off to new, less technically-inclined, 
potential converts from the Redmond platform.

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